Harpy (EQ2 Mob Race)  

Type Sentient
Language Screechsong
L&L Quest Lore and Legend: Harpy
See the Bestiary for a list of all mobs in this race.
The following titles are awarded for killing Harpies:
  • Hunter of Harpies - 500 kills
  • Slayer of Harpies - 5000 kills
  • Destroyer of Harpies - 10000 kills
Your current slayer status for this and other huntable races may be checked at any Slayer Status poster.

Originally introduced with the Desert of Flames expansion, Harpies are filthy, disease-ridden birds with the bodies of women, but the wings of a dragon and clawed feet (and hands) of vultures. Windsister harpies are found in large quantities in the northeast of The Pillars of Flame, while Scornfeather harpies are found only in Scornfeather Roost, an instanced zone off The Clefts of Rujark.

In the Echoes of Faydwer expansion, Balespring harpies are found in the Steamfont Wetlands of the Steamfont Mountains.

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