Glider Mount (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Glider Mount
Quest Series
Starting ZoneTenebrous Tangle
Rec. Levels60+
Previous Leaper Mount
Isle of Mara
Shadow Odyssey
Next Flying Mount
Sokokar (RoK)
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Gliders are a type of mount that can ride on the wind, giving players a brief period of flight before falling slowly to the ground. At any point in your jump you can snap out your mount's wings and begin gliding, using the movement keys to control direction, even being able to tip up and climb for a while before descending again. You can also fold your wings in to start plummeting downward, and snap them out again at a different altitude.

They are available to players beginning at level 60.


Speak to Ferwah Shieldwall at the Vicious Breeding Grounds in Tenebrous Tangle ( 521, -152, 234 ) . She represents a group of researchers who have discovered a new species of creature that they believe to be endangered, and are looking for assistance in their efforts to protect what they have found. You must be a level 60+ adventurer to begin this quest.

REWARD: Tamed Wind Komodo


The Bridled Wind Komodo gliding between Tenebrous' isles.
The Bridled Wind Komodo gliding between Tenebrous' isles.
Speak to Darga Fleetpaw at the Vicious Breeding Grounds in Tenebrous Tangle ( 513, -151, 240 ) . Far from home and with few resources, the researchers need help putting together what is necessary for their important work. You must be a level 60+ tradeskiller to begin this series.

  1. Digging for Grubs (60)
  2. Come and Get It! (60)
  3. Warm on the Outside (60)
  4. Warm on the Inside (60)
  5. Fruit of Your Labor (60)

REWARD: Bridled Wind Komodo

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Using a Glider

Forget what you know about Fae and Arasai gliding--using a glider is quite different.

To Glide: You can glide off of any high surface by simply doing a small jump or running off. The steering is very sensitive, you have to gently turn in a direction to bank that way or you'll quickly find yourself spiraling. Jumping from a stationary spot on level ground will leap you a bit into the air and launch you forward into a glide.

To Leap and Glide: Press and hold your Suspend Safe Fall key (default is normally the spacebar, you may have to set it in Options->Control->Movement Keys) to leap into the air. At the apex of your leap, or whenever you want to cut it off early, let go of the key and you'll begin to glide.

The glider won't leap as high as a leaper, but it will sail for quite a distance if you get high enough!

ZAM Video

EverQuest II's new Leaper and Glider mounts in action. The first one shown is the glider, the second is the leaper.

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