Fighter (EQ2 Archetype)  

Fighter Archetype - Fighters use brute strength and sturdy weapons to deal physical damage to their enemies. Always at the forefront of combat, fighters stand toe-to-toe with opponents while keeping their allies from harm. No matter the risk, fighters never back down from a challenge. Recommended races, based on Racial Traditions, are Sarnak, Ogre, Troll, Barbarian, Iksar, Froglok, Dwarf, Human, Kerra, and Half Elf.

WarriorWielding heavy weapons, Warriors battle toe-to-toe with their enemies and protect their allies.  
GuardianWell protected in their heavy armor, Guardians make great allies in battle. (Neutral)
BerserkerBerserkers are among the most dangerous warriors, inflicting heavy damage on their foes with their chaotic fighting style. (Neutral)
BrawlerBrawlers are masters of hand-to-hand combat, honing their bodies into ultimate weapons of destruction.
MonkWith their knowledge of marital arts, Monks are dangerous yet graceful in battle. (Neutral)
Bruiser Bruisers are in the frontlines of battle, laying waste their foes with brute force. (Neutral)
CrusaderCrusaders channel divine powers, making them invincible in battle.
PaladinPaladins are among the most noble of warriors, valiantly defending truth, virtue and honor. (Good)
ShadowknightBeware of the Shadowknights; for they are moved in battle by the forces of evil. (Evil)
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