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Fertilizers can be used to either feed Carnivorous Plants or to receive collection items from select NPCs.

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Fertilizer Levels

These items have a low chance of dropping off of monsters. The level of the mob will dictate what level of fertilizer it can drop.

10-19 small decaying bone pouch of peat flask of rancid water
20-29 large decaying bone small bag of ammonium sulfate flask of stale water
30-39 small polished bone small bag of muriate of potash flask of pond water
40-49 large polished bone small bag of diatomaceous earth flask of fresh water
50-59 small meaty bone small bag of ammonium nitrate flask of pure water
60-69 meaty bone small bag of guano flask of aerated water
70-84 large meaty bone small bag of compost flask of enchanted water
85+ large frostbitten bone bag of tundra compost flask of glacial water

Collection Items

Fertilizer can be used to obtain collection items from the Rise of Kunark burynai house pets or from the guild hall herbalist amenity. At least one of each type of fertilizer, in any level mix, will yield one collection item from these NPCs. The fertilizers can be in your shared bank when you use them in this fashion. The herbalist amenity is the only NPC that will accept the level 85+ fertilizers.

Not all collection items can be obtained in this fashion. Most notably, tradeskill collections, the most recent expansion collections, and world event collections are absent from the item table. Once a new expansion comes out, it may be a while before the previous expansion's collections are added to the table as they are manually added in by the developers.

Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants can be found in your /claim window under the Kingdom of Sky tab. Not only are these plants a house pet, but they can also be fed fertilizers, which in certain combinations will yield useful consumable items.

Feeding Results

Fertilizer Combination
Entwining Roots 1 bone, 2 dirt, 3 water
Escape Root* 5 bones, 5 dirt, 5 water
Flame Root 2 bones, 3 dirt, 1 water
Fresh Fruit 4 bones, 1 dirt, 1 water **
Lightning Root 2 bones, 2 dirt, 2 water
Mending Root 1 bone, 3 dirt, 2 water
Power Root 3 bones, 2 dirt, 1 water
Shifting Root 2 bones, 1 dirt, 2 water
Short Root 3 bones, 1 dirt, 2 water
Toadstool 2 bones, 1 dirt, 3 water
* You won't always get an Escape Root.. there is also high chance of receiving a Fresh Fruit.
** There are a multitude of combinations for Fresh Fruit. Niami at EQ2 Traders has a full list of them.

ZAM would like to thank ZUES on the old EQ2 forums and Niami at EQ2 Traders for some of the information in this article.

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