Faction (EQ2)  

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-50000Max Hate It is impossible for them to dislike you any more than this. Most believe you eat babies and drink blood. Some may suspect you of defacing public toilets.
-49999 to -40000Scowls Will attack you on sight! (KOS)
-39999 to -30000 ThreateningWill not attack you, but will not help you either
-29999 to -20000 Dubious  
-19999 to -10000 Apprehensive  
-9999 to 9999 Indifferent You are ok to sell services to, such as mending.
10000 to 19999 Amiably  
20000 to 29999 Kindly  
30000 to 39999 Warmly Some merchants that would not sell to you previously may now.
40000 to 49999 Ally Most doors are open to you, most NPCs will help you if they can.
50000 Max Ally They love you! The mayor offers you the key to the city (and his daughter)
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