EQ2 Quest:Waters of Norrath  

EverQuest II
Game Update #67
July 23, 2013
[100] Waters of Norrath (Heroic)
Category: Heritage
To Start: Click on the water at 74, 4, 24 in Siren's Grotto: Alluring Embrace and follow the dialogue.

Click on the water at 74, 4, 24 in Siren's Grotto: Alluring Embrace (Advanced Solo or Heroic) and follow the dialogue to begin this quest. Please Note: Any group members not on this quest will not be able to zone in to the special instances, AND they will have to leave the group for you to see the Spirits. Mercenaries are okay, so get the best healer merc you can, especially if you wear cloth armor.

  1. Find Santii in Alluring Embrace at -439, -66, -110 . This update is just beyond the Shyneera encounter.
  2. Find the first water spirit. This is a Spirit of Mist in the Fens of Nathsar at 530, -120, -178 (hint: great lake with a vast jungle creeping up to its shores, under the shadow of a giant pillar).
    • First of the lake's children: a Bloodgill aquamancer (95^^^) in front of Veksar around 631, -183, 290 .
      • You may have to clear some Bloodgill adherents (95^^) to get to him.
    • Second of the lake's children: a Yha-Lei cultist (98^^^) underwater around 926, -190, 655 .
      • You may have to clear some Yha-Lei zealots (95^^) around him first.
  3. Return to the Spirit of Mist.
  4. Speak to Daleen Blackwood at 240, -60.6, -224 on the docks of Omen's Call.
  5. Zone into Veksar: Waters of Norrath. ( 631, -183, 290 ) Mobs are 95-100^^ and ^^^. Mercenaries can zone in. Note: Just about all the mobs in here can cast Aqueous Globe, a fast ticking high damage DoT (14k per tick on my raid geared Monk). Cure it fast or die.
    • As you walk through the waters, laved horrors (100^^) will occasionally attack.
    • Stop the Yha-lei ritual. Kill An'Lill (98^^^) at 72, 2, -56 (first room on the left).
      • Body pull his two guards before him.
      • He is leashed to the room, has a knockback that he frequently uses, and will summon the door guards if you don't kill them ahead of time.
      • Landing in the water in back of his platform may cause a level 100^^ laved horror to spawn.
    • Head north. The far end of the hallway has a lot of mobs that may be difficult to split pull; bring some heals.
    • Stop the Bloodgill ritual. Kill Carnigee (98^^^) at 90, 6, -95 .
      • There's a goblin wanderer on either side you may want to pull first.
      • Landing in the water in this room will also spawn laved horrors.
      • He was not leashed to his room but can summon swarm mobs and a protective shield that absorbs 8k damage for each stack.
      • Can cast Squall Surge which does 7-8k magic damage.
  6. Return to Daleen in Omen's Call.
  7. Return to the Spirit of Mist. She will give you an Essence of Mist which is a quest item.
  8. Find the second spirit. This is a Spirit of Ice in Eastern Wastes near the wizard spire at -1030, -236, 2585 (hint: cold, playful creatures on the shore, under the shadow of an oppressive castle of giants)
  9. Head southeast and down toward the waters, and speak to Fintin at -1166, -537, 2803
  10. Head south to the Ravaged Land beach and search for the distressed elementals. This looks like a water spout at -1036, -538, 3948 . Kill two waves of three water and ice sylphs (98^ each, linked encounter) and a final wave of a furious water sylph (100^^^) for your update.
  11. Return to Fintin. You will receive Fintin's Conch.
  12. Head back to where you fought the elementals and speak to Water's Rage at -1006, -538, 4003 .
  13. Go west-northwest to the waters beneath Kael. Destroy the Tavalan portal guards (98-99^^^), then the Portal of Fear around -243, -559, 4025
    • We had to destroy the portal three times on beta... not certain if that is a bug or intentional at this point.
  14. Return to Water's Rage.
  15. Return to the Spirit of Ice. She will give you an Essence of Ice, which is a quest item.
  16. Find the third spirit. This is a Spirit of the Deep at 405, 21, -87 in Butcherblock Mountains. (hint: great cliffs reach up to the sky, remnants of a civilization lost to Norrath in the past, remaining near a few islands just off shore, seeking that which was lost)
    • We assume the "ancient civilization" refers to Kedge Keep.
  17. Find the eight artifacts in the water of Butcherblock. Each one is guarded by a level 100^^ Tavalan archeologist. Known locations:
    • 589, 16, -161
    • 536, 10, -155
    • 655, 14, -160
    • 622, -8, -5
    • 880, 2, 168
    • 928, 9, 108
    • 891, 10, -2
    • 901, 9, -21
  18. Return to the Spirit of the Deep.
  19. Destroy the four Tavalan at the altar.
    • Enter the underwater cave at 741, 11, -262 .
    • You can single pull the Tavalan ritualists. They are level 100^^^, can mez, and were hitting a scout for 9-10k.
  20. Return to the Spirit of the Deep.
  21. Return to Santii. There will be a final fight tuned to a full group. BEWARE: Santii has a vicious AOE mana drain--it seems to cover 360 degrees--and it ticks quickly at about 30,000 mana per tick. It is arcane, but she recasts it before curing potions come off cooldown. It is a super-fast cast as well, making interrupting the cast near impossible.


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