EQ2 Quest:Tears of Veeshan: The Eternal Broodlands  

EverQuest II
[95] Tears of Veeshan: The Eternal Broodlands (Solo)
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To Start: When you are level 95 you will receive mail directing you to a meeting in Freeport or Qeynos, depending on your alignment.


When you are level 95 you will receive mail directing you to a meeting with Tevan Brassgear in Qeynos or Blaira Va'Tyrn in Freeport, depending on your alignment.

  • Qeynos: Tevan Brassgear is near of in South Qeynos, Qeynos Capitol District 716, -19, 178 .
  • Freeport: Blaira Va'Tyrn is near the bell in East Freeport in The City of Freeport -211, -56, 32 .
  1. Speak with either Al'Kabor in Qeynos (Al'Kabor's Study) or Dartain (Dartain's Research Hall) in Freeport
  2. Speak with either Kurista in The Elddar Grove in Qeynos Province District 675, -16, -252 or Elguka the Oracle outside the in The City of Freeport -112, -8, -130
  3. Use the Draconic Sigil at the druid rings in Obol Plains
  4. Enter the portal in Obol Plains
  5. Speak to Drinal's Steward -129, 213, 349
  6. Speak with Lord Yelinak on Daarspire 82, 219, 116 . You must have the following Vesspyr Isles quests completed to be able to continue with this quest:
    • Droumlund Intruders, which is the 7th quest from Lepethida at 112, 210, -11 on Daarspire
      • Lepethida's quests are the first you encounter in this zone, beginning with Sent for Savtek
    • Family Ties, which is the 7th quest from Harla Dar at -104, 51, 738 on Veeshana Tol
      • Harla Dar's quests unlock after completing Lepthida's 5th quest, Waters of Strife
    • Deceiver's Fate, which is the 2nd quest from Darathar on Veiled Thessk
      • Darathar's quests follow three quests from Field Marshal Vishra at -797, -46, 38 on Veiled Thessk
      • Vishra's quests are unlocked while working on Lepethida's 6th quest, Veiled Threat
    • The Purity of Growth, which is the 4th quest from Wuoshi at -599, 379, 623 on Aeterna Gardens
  7. Find Chymot on Karak-ta -77, 30, -491 - You will be attacked by 3 level 101^ Heroic Awakened skystalkers
  8. Speak with Chymot
  9. Return to Lord Yelinak and inform him of Chymot's discovery
  10. Speak to Chymot near the Nexus Core 181, 154, -82
  11. Enter the Nexus Core (Advanced Solo)
  12. Defeat Luminox Prime, the guardian of the Nexus Core
  13. Return to Lord Yelinak to complete quest


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