EQ2 Quest:A Gathering Obsession Beyond The Grave  

EverQuest II
[95] A Gathering Obsession Beyond The Grave (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start: ( -299, 13, -15 )


To receive this quest you must have completed all of the previous Gathering Obsession quests and have received Captain Overboard.

With the Dec 12 update this quest bugs if you cave not completed Captain Overboard. It will be fixed with the Dec 17 update. [1]

One of the island kids followed Steve here and has gotten lost. Gee, I wonder who that could be? Find him and Steve will trade your pack pony for a new, specially trained one.

  1. Check with the guards at -353, 10, -48 .
  2. Find the missing child. He's up on a rock outside of Breathledge at -33, 80, -17 . You'll want to fly there.
  3. Hail Qho.
  4. Harvest 20 plump lychee or ripe mangosteen for Qho. There are a lot of astral shrubs in the area, and the agro is dodgable.
  5. Hail Qho.
  6. Speak to Steve Echgar at -299, 13, -15 in Cardin Ward.
  7. Find Qho on the edge of the Tourbillion at -677, 1, 69 .
  8. Follow Qho into the Tourbillion.
    • You're now going into the Eidolon Jungle. Be aware that there is a lot of flying agro here. It's possible to dodge it, but proceed with caution.
  9. Talk Qho into going home. He's at -2462, 206, 618 . NOTE: There's agro here, approach cautiously.
  10. Follow him and try again. He's at the door to the Temple of Cazic Thule at -2162, 222, 768 .
  11. You're a big meanie. Follow him and try again. He's at -1373, 216, 591 . This place is like Feerrott, so go south to get out of the temple area, then west.
  12. Find a small tree to appease Qho. It's a Scary Eidolon Jungle Tree at -1332, 217, 570 .
  13. Follow him and try again. He is in the river at -440, -10, 555 .
  14. Now Qho's at -64, 13, 156 . If you have Escape it'll take you right there. Tell him to go through the rift, then follow him through.
  15. Meet Qho at the Feerrott beach at 114, -6, -84 .
  16. Take the World Bell to the Isle of Mara and check to make sure Qho got home. He's up the pond at -26, 9, -114 .
  17. Return to Cardin Ward and talk to Steve. You can take the Obol Plains Spirit Anchor you made earlier ( -48, 2, 92 ) .


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