EQ2 Guide You Might Be a Gamer if...  

You Might Be a Gamer if...

In keeping with the whole "Sharing what makes me giggle" thing I've been doing lately, here I am again with something else that tickled my funny bone.  Since I'm still around to share it, I'm pleasantly surprised that the hit squads seem to have missed me this time around.  Just remember that feeling of good will when you go through the list and check off just how many of these apply to you...  Oh and with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy.

You Might Be a Gamer if...

... You have ever mentally conned your boss or anyone else in your workplace.

... You have ever referred to someone's ire as aggro.

... You think that Mt. Dew is one of the four food groups.

... You think that any sort of junk food is too.

... You are reading this from work because you can't play.

... You can play at work because your boss plays too (yes, I'm talking about you, Articulas).

... You spend your lunch hour researching your armour, spells, zone strategies, etc.

... The only time you see real life boobs is when you read Coyote's Blog. 

... You make have to make the distinction that something is real life.

... You've ever wondered what you'd get for looting road kill.

... You've ever had the urge to harvest a shinie while driving.

... U kan haz r33d thiz.

... You think there should be harsher death penalties.

... You don't mean for criminals.

... You refer to tripping as failing a dex check.

... You do it out loud.

... Your friends laugh because they got it.

... Your local pizza place knows your phone number.

... They know your order.

... They send it to you at the same time everyday without you having to call.

... You refer to your job as grinding for plat.

... You've been in more beta tests than you've been on dates. 

... You prefer it that way.

... You've complained about stealth nerfs.

... You weren't the one nerfed.

... You know what nerfing means.

... You refer to yourself by your in game race.

... You have chosen a side on such matters a pirates vs ninjas and cake vs pie.

... You have passionate arguments about the relative merits of each.

... You refer to your friends by their in game names.

... You can't remember their real names.

... They have the same problem with your name.

... You have a special playlist of music for raid nights to get you pumped up.

... You've shared it with the guild.

... You compete with a friend to see who can have the most guild status contributed.

... You've spent several plat on status items to ensure that you have a ridiculously large lead.

... You have underwear with your guild's name and logo on it.

... You're reading this in your parents' basement in your underwear while eating a Hot Pocket.

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