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Dungeon Maker can be accessed using the "Dungeons" tab on your character window (Bring up your character window using the default hotkey "c"), and player published dungeons can be accessed using the "Dungeon Leaderboards" button in the EQII menu.

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Dungeon Maker Changes

These changes to Dungeon Maker were announced to launch on December 16:

  • Turning off experience in Dungeon Maker
  • Dungeon Mark rewards will be removed
  • Standard decorating items, like layouts, spawners, will be available for free in the DM toolbox and removed from the Dungeon Maker store category
  • All Dungeon Maker dungeons will be unpublished so that decorating-focused dungeons can be republished (vs. the dungeons created for maximum experience gain)
  • The Dungeon Maker category in the store will remain for the time being for players to spend leftover Dungeon Marks
  • The Dungeon Maker feature will be included free for all players as part of the Free to Play experience.

Making a Dungeon

Access the Dungeon Maker From your Character window (press "C") - select "Dungeons". To create a dungeon, click "Create Dungeon..." at the top of the window. You can own up to 20 dungeons, but only a certain amount may be published at a time (three dungeons is the default). The amount of published dungeons can be increased by unlocking more layouts from Dungeon Maker purchases. [1] All dungeons are level 50.

Dungeon Layouts will be obtained in any way possible (except raiding). Creature activators will also be found "out in the world."

The dungeons will use the new house editing system for decoration. If you can't leave your dungeon while decorating it, try /house.

Spawners and Activators

We've been collecting information on looted and marketplace spawners and activators! Here are alphabetical listed categories of these items:

Trying to find spawners on broker? Make a filter for the following:

  • Item Type: Miscellaneous
  • Quality: Treasured
  • Name Includes: (

Wikihelp To add Dungeon Maker items use the {{EQ2DM}} template on their item pages!

Layouts, Effects & Decor

So far all existing Layouts, Effects and Decoration dungeon items are included as a default or are purchasable for either Dungeon Marks or Station Cash in the Marketplace.

Playing a Player-Made Dungeon

Playing as self in a dungeon. What pandamonium in there!
Playing as self in a dungeon. What pandamonium in there!
Access player made dungeons via the EQII button in-game: select "Dungeon Leaderboards." There will not be a zone-in point anywhere in the world.

Players have a choice of using an avatar or playing as their self when choosing a dungeon. These avatars are balanced to be akin to a level 50 of that type. Each avatar will have unique abilities suited to one of four classes (Scout, Fighter, Mage, Priest). Each person starts with some base avatars, but they can also be acquired through mob drops or the Marketplace.

Playing as yourself is pretty self-obvious. You will have full access to all of your abilities. Dungeon Maker is "level-agnostic", meaning that lower level players will have their damage dealt and taken scaled to the highest level available.

Dungeons support 1 - 6 players, and difficulty scales based on number of players in the dungeon. If you are alone in the dungeon, the encounters will be around solo difficulty. If someone else wants to play the same dungeon, they will be automatically invited to your group and the difficulty of the dungeon will increased.

You will gain Adventure Experience for your actual character while playing an avatar. The avatars themselves do not level, nor is it planned to change this. Your actual character will gain experience for killing mobs in the dungeons.

To exit the dungeon, type /house and then use the Leave Dungeon button. You will return to the exact place you were before entering because you never truly left.


Loot will not "drop" from anything in the dungeon, except tokens that will be used for purchasing gear. The tokens you acquire will be based off of the difficulty of the encounters in the dungeon.

Tokens obtained from running a player made dungeon allows the purchase of gear classified as "Glass" Glass gear is equipment that can never be repaired once damaged. This allows for consumable gear (which would most likely give some replay value to player made dungeons)

Token rewards for player-made dungeons are on the Marketplace (type /marketplace of click the SC button), but available for Dungeon Marks instead of Station Cash.

Rating a Dungeon

As of December 20, 2011, the house and dungeon leaderboards have now been converted from the previous 5-star rating system to a new "Like" system. When visiting a house or completing a dungeon maker zone you now have the option to "Like" the zone in either of the two categories. The leaderboards are now based on the accumulation of likes. Awards continue to work as before and are given to the players at the top of the leaderboard.


Dungeon Maker Video

Released on December 22, 2011.

Dungeon Maker Podcast

This podcast took place on November 18, 2011.

December 6, 2011

  1. ^ Published dungeon amount explained during the January 19, 2012 webcast.

Cal's Citation notes: Bink's excellent podcast summary on the official forums
EQII Wire's Transcript of the podcast

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