Drolvarg (EQ2 Mob Race)  

Type Sentient
Language Sathirian
L&L Quest Lore and Legend: Drolvarg
See the Bestiary for a list of all mobs in this race.

The Drolvarg are "filthy, flea-ridden canines" that work for the Sathirian Iksars.[1]

The Drolvarg were actually once Iksar, residents of the city of Drolakis. Venril Sathir cursed them to create a race of Wolflizards and the Drolvarg were the result. Drolvargism is often referred to as The Curse of Drolakis. The first ruler of the Drolvarg was Thuuga, the Serpent Chief.[2]

The five Tablets of the Serpent Chief are now in the possession of Grand Acumen Ralosk of The Gwalnax Brigade.[3]

The following titles are awarded for killing Drolvargs:
  • Hunter of Drolvargs - 500 kills
  • Slayer of Drolvargs - 5000 kills
  • Destroyer of Drolvargs - 10000 kills
Your current slayer status for this and other huntable races may be checked at any Slayer Status poster.

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