Darkness Ascending (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Game Update #67
July 23, 2013

Darkness Ascending is the Cobalt Scar signature quest line added in Game Update 67. It relates to the Ages End prophecy. You must complete all of the Cobalt Scar quests, including Tear in the Grotto, to begin this series.

  1. Darkness Ascending: Tear of Mystery (101 Heroic)
  2. Darkness Ascending: Scarstone Security (101 Heroic)
  3. Darkness Ascending: Small Council of the Tear (101 Heroic)
  4. Darkness Ascending: Tear in the Drakelands (101 Heroic)


  1. Tear of Mystery
  2. Scarstone Security
  3. Small Council of the Tear
  4. Tear in the Drakelands

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