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GU61 Crafted Sign Recipe List
GU61 Crafted Sign Recipe List
Carpenter crafted signs were first introduced in Game Update 61. Once placed, the signs allow a player to set a name (title) and text (long description) that will show when the sign is moused over. The description is estimated to allow a maximum of 250-255 characters.

These signs currently range from level 19-89. The recipes are available in Advanced Carpenter books appropriate to their level and their primary component is a rare wood for that tier.

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Qeynos Sign
Freeport Sign
Rivervale Sign
Gorowyn Sign
Kelethin Sign
Roadmarker Sign
Orcish Sign
Coldain Sign
Neriak Sign

Sign example and right-click menu (click to enlarge):

EverQuest II
Game Update #61
August 25, 2011

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