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Carpenter Crafted

Carpenter crafted house tiles were added with Game Update 61 (GU61). These tiles match many of the crafted dividers that were already in game. They use common materials and recipes range from level 3 through 83. The recipes are available in the Carpenter Essentials books.

Tile Recipe List
Tile Recipe List

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Plain Elm Tile
Plain Maple Tile
Plain Ash Tile
Mossy Briarwood Tile
Plain Briarwood Tile
Fancy Fulginate Tile
Plain Fulginate Tile
Plain Teak Tile
Banded Sandalwood Tile
Indium Tile
Plain Sandalwood Tile
Adamantine Tile
Halasian Carved Tile
Halasian Tile
Plain Rosewood Tile
Plain Redwood Tile
Plain Sumac Tile

Artisan Crafted

Artisan crafted floor tiles were added with Game Update 61. These tiles are Drunder themed and are from the level 90 Artisan Relics of Drunder recipe book.

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Engraved Drunder Tile
Insignia Tile of Sullon Zek
Insignia Tile of Tallon Zek
Insignia Tile of Vallon Zek
Sullonite Carved Tile
Sullonite Paving Stones
Tallonite Carved Tile
Tallonite Paving Stones
Vallonite Carved Tile
Vallonite Paving Stones
Game Update #61
August 25, 2011
EverQuest II

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