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Frostfell, like many events, has many tiered rewards. That is to say, the exact name of the item changes depending on what tier you are when you get it, but the appearance remains the same.

The Icy Keep series gives most of its rewards in the form of Frozen Tokens of E'ci. These tokens can then be used to purchase rewards from Gerbi Frostfoot of the Frostfoot Goblins. The tables show the various rewards so that you can see the appearances and some of the stats to help you decide what rewards you want to work towards.

Need even more Frozen Tokens of E'ci? Players with extra gifts from the Gigglegibber Gifty Storehouse can visit Gixen in the Enchanted Lands to exchange their "gifties" for more tokens.

House Items

Introduced in 2008
Item Tokens
Decorative Rainbow Candycane 1
glacial bookcase 2
glacial cauldron 1
glacial dresser 1
glacial pillar 1
glacial sculpture 5
glacial statue 5
large glacial room divider 2
sleeping baby ice dragon plushie 20
smoking glacial brazier 2

Introduced in 2009
Item Tokens
dangerous icicles 3
delicate icicles 3
dramatic icicles 3
glacial bed 5
glacial round table 4
glacial scroll rack 4
ornate hanging snowflurry 3

Introduced in 2010
Item Tokens Item Tokens
an Icy Ornate Bookcase 4 Icy Brazier 2
icy snapper 4 Icy Locked Chest 15
Armored Ice Sculpture 25 Icy Ornate Wardrobe 15
Dark Frozen Tile 4 Icy Weapon Rack 15
Hanging Ornamental Hammer 15 Light Frozen Tile 4
Hanging Ornamental Sword 15 Ornate Frozen Chandelier 15
Ice Sculpture 25 Ornate Ice Sculpture 25
Icy Books 2 Glistening Icicle Bauble 3

Introduced in 2011
Item Tokens
Golden Frostfell Snowflake Garland 3
Icy Badger 6
Icy Pedestal Table 2
Vengeful Minstrel's Jimba Drum 3
Vengeful Minstrel's Mandolin 4
Vengeful Minstrel's Xylophone 3
Winter Frostfell Snowflake Garland 2

Introduced in 2012
Item Tokens
Frostfell Storm Wings 500
Hart of Ice 10
Ice Conglomeration 4
Ornate Icy Brazier 4
Vengeful Minstrel's Chimes 4
Vengeful Minstrel's Drum 4
Vengeful Minstrel's Harp 4

Introduced in 2013
Item Tokens
Combustible Sledabout 50
Blizzard Grizzly Ice Sculpture 20
Rainbow Bridge 10
Wings of Frostfell Wrapping 300
Wooly Silkspinner 25
Arctic Badger Ice Sculpture 20

Introduced in 2014
Item Tokens
Curious Beaver Ice Sculpture 20
Frostfell Icy Bouncer 10
Frostfell Storm Wings 300
Frosty Glow Skimmer 5
Sitting Lion Ice Sculpture 20
Threatening Owlbear Ice Sculpture 20
White Frosttail Reindeer (blue saddle) 500

Equipped Items

Due to the amount of individual pieces in this section we have simply linked to a search that displays the entire set, ordered by level. We have also listed the amount of tokens required to obtain all set pieces for armor or individual pieces for weapons, shields and baubles.

Items become available on Gerbi Frostfoot at the beginning of a tier, so a player between levels 50-59 can see 52 items, levels 70-79 can see 72 items, and so forth. Starting at level 52 the chest piece of the armor sets will give a stationary snowflake particle effect.

Level 22-72 Equipment
Item Type Tokens Level
Frostfell Snow Cloud Bauble 300 1
Firework: Swirling Snowflakes Bauble 2 1
Petamorph Wand: Ice Boar Bauble 3 1
Petamorph Wand: Ice Crab Bauble 3 1
Petamorph Wand: Frigid Icemaw Bauble 4 1
Petamorph Wand: Ice Triceps Bauble 3 1
Ice Crested Helm Head 2 1
Frosty Paws Charm 15 22-72
Icy Paws Charm 15 22-72
D'ina's Earrings Ear 5 22-72
Yeti Earrings Ear 5 22-72
Rings of Conjuring Finger 5 22/42/62
Rings of Marksmanship Finger 5 22-72
Rings of Summoning Finger 5 32/52/72
Belts of Ice Waist 5 22-72
Icicle Bracelets Wrist 5 22-72
Ice Dragon Totems Sec/Ranged 12 22-72

Level 22-72 Equipment
Item Type Tokens Level
Ice Linked Armor Sets Chain 24 22-72
Icespun Armor Sets Cloth 24 22-72
Yeti Hide Armor Sets Leather 24 22-72
Hardened Ice Armor Sets Plate 24 22-72
Bows of the Keep Ranged 12 22-72
Cudgels of the Keep 1H Crush 12 22-72
Icy Fistwraps 1H Crush 12 22-72
Icy Keep Claymores 2H Slash 12 22-72
Icy Shards 1H Pierce 12 22-72
Mallets of the Brothers 2H Crush 12 22-72
Swords of the Keep 1H Slash 12 22-72
Wands of Ice 1H Crush 12 22-72
Towershields of Ice Shield 12 22-72

Level 82 Equipment
Item Type Tokens Level
Belt of Glowing Ice Waist 5 82
Frosted Hoop Earring 5 82
Frozen Shrunken Head Charm 15 82
Glacial Focus Sec/Ranged 10 82
Glacial Hoop Earring 5 82
Ice Shard Bracelet Wrist 5 82
Icegazer's Ring Finger 5 82
Icewall Towershield Shield 10 82
Icy Shrunken Head Charm 12 82
Mammoth Tusk Shard Earring 5 82
Summoner's Ice Shard Ring Finger 5 82
Wintry Bow Ranged 12 82

Level 82 Equipment
Item Type Tokens Level
Glacier Link Armor Set Chain 24 82
Glowing Permafrost Claymore 2H Slash 12 82
Icewall Armor Set Plate 24 82
Iceweave Armor Set Cloth 24 82
Mammoth Hide Armor Set Leather 24 82
Permafrost Blade 1H Slash 12 82
Permafrost Wand 1H Crush 12 82
Shard of Permafrost 1H Pierce 12 82
Sledge of Ice 2H Crush 12 82
Wand of Solid Frost 1H Crush 12 82
Wintry Cudgel 1H Crush 12 82
Wraps of Ice 1H Crush 12 82
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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2008.

EverQuest II

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