Barbarian (EQ2 Character Race)  

Racial Information
Starting Cities
Good: Kelethin or New Halas
Evil: Gorowyn or Neriak
Starting Attributes
ClassesFighter, Priest
ProfessionsAlchemist, Carpenter, Provisioner
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Racial Traditions

Barbarians: The Wolves of the Northlands

  • Racial Homeland: Halas - The Northlands
  • Mythical Creator: Erollisi and Mithaniel Marr
  • Traditional roles: Fighter, Priest

Barbarians excel at being fighters due to their great strength and impressive stamina, but they are also quite wise and often walk the path of the priest.

Barbarians are related to humans and share many of the same basic features, but are physically more imposing than their smaller human cousins. Barbarians are tall, powerful humanoids, often blessed with great muscle mass. Their height averages approximately 7 feet tall. The hair styles of the race are often long, a link to their past when such hair styles assisted in surviving chilling weather. The bodies of barbarians are built for war.

Game Update 56 marked the return of Halas. This city is available to good races as a starting city.

Barbarians are a race of tall humanoids created by Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr. This hardy race originally settled in the cold lands of the north, building their city of Halas within the frozen tundra of Everfrost. Their buildings are somewhat primitive by Human standards, making use of raw materials and simple architectures. Interiors are often decorated with trophies from battle as well as skins and hides used as tapestries for recording their culture's history and lore. The arrival of the barbarians on Norrath ushered in the Age of Blood. Barbarians moved outward from their northern home, initiating brutal battles with whatever races they encountered. Tribes would war with anyone, including other barbarians, as a means to grow in strength and power. Eventually the Marr twins sparked more insightful thinking among the barbarians, and these wiser folk became the fathers and mothers of the Human race.

Barbarians are known for wearing their emotions on their sleeves, and have no problem with telling you exactly what they think of you. They will gladly back up their boasts with a show of force.

Barbarians have historically been shamanistic by nature, though in recent times certain sects have become somewhat more refined and have begun to practice the clerical arts. While many barbarians worship the Marr twins who created them, fighters tend to honor the militaristic traditions of Rallos Zek. This race's highly developed sense of justice inspires many to worship The Tribunal, which can spur near fanatical devotion amongst the religious caste.

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