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Started playing in 1999 on recommendation of a friend who is long gone from EQ. First toon was a dwarf warrior on Saryrn, Zelexor. Great memories of hunting in Butcher, Crushbone, Unrest and Mistmoore. Boy, was XP slow in those days! And I didn't even know what a rez was for a long time. Raided with various guilds over the years and have served as raid leader, recruitment office, enforcement office (LOL that one!) and even guild leader. But not in years as all of those require lots of time. Saryrn got merged into Bertox. Took a break then, and eventually rolled a toon on Firiona Vie, since I heard interesting things about the "role-playing server." Discovered RP was no longer really a thing there but I did like being able to browse the Bazaar and not see the same limited supply of tradeable items for sale. I levelled a "Sippen" there to 85 and then decided to move the original, along with my other toons. It helped that server transfers to FV were not only doable---but FREE! It was a dying server, for some reason. Well, it's booming nowadays, or booming as much as any server can in a 20yo RPG. Been a fun ride and despite taking the occasional breaks, some as long as a year, I expect I'll be there when the last server closes down. I've always said I'd make my final camp on a sunny hillside in Butcherblock Mountains... and I shall. Tried out the Agnarr TLP and really enjoying this xpac-capped server which won't ever go beyond PoP/LoY. There's something nice reliving those early days and knowing that, yes indeed, it might be possible to win EQ!