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NameTypeLow LevelHigh LevelExpansion
The Drowned Caverns: Outer GrottoIndoor2050Splitpaw Saga
A Three Room Apartment, Version 1Player Housing00Classic
The Elemental ChamberIndoor8085Rise of Kunark
Jarsath WastesOutdoor7580Rise of Kunark
The Grozmok SpeaksClassic
The ForestClassic
Clandestine Meeting HouseClassic
The Village Of PothsiClassic
Outpost Of The OverlordOutdoor110Classic
The RuinsClassic
The Crypt Of T'haenInstanced Indoor3042Bloodline Chronicles
A Two Room Apartment, Version 1Player Housing00Classic
Trial Of Li Zhong: HeroicInstanced Indoor7070Fallen Dynasty
A Haunted HouseClassic
Gfern TestClassic
East FreeportCity2275Classic
The Condemned CatacombInstanced Indoor2030Classic
Nagafen's LairInstanced Indoor4080Classic
The Halls Of FateIndoor6070Kingdom of Sky
Champion's RespiteInstanced Indoor30100Classic
Bordag's TrialClassic
The Fortress Of DrunderIndoor9090Destiny of Velious
Test Sky ZoneClassic