Champion's Respite  

Level30 - 100
TypeInstanced Indoor


Game Update 60
Beacon to Champion's Respite in Neriak
Beacon to Champion's Respite in Neriak
This zone is the Battlegrounds lobby. Team up with other players for matches here!

You can reach this zone from any major city. Near the Scions of Discord is a beacon to click on that will zone you into the lobby.

  • Gorowyn - Near the banker on the docks at 2404, 19, 1391
  • Kelethin - Found outside the Kelethin Regional Bank at 311, 109, 143
  • Neriak - Found in Indigo Hollow at 44, 17, 13
  • New Halas - Found on the Erollis Docks at -351, 30, 227
  • North Freeport - In front of the guild hall at -48, -20, -260
  • Qeynos Harbor - Found east of the dock area at 879, -25, 53

Once you are in Champion's Respite are on the Battlegrounds server and you can no longer spend AAs, send tells or join chat channels. Inside you'll find the battlegrounds quest npcs and merchants selling armor, weapons, adornments and more.

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