Dythra's Lair  

Level45 - 50
TypeInstanced Outdoor


Raid Information
Sizex4 (Min: x2)
QuestFire and Ice
Required by all?No
Success5 days 20 hours
Failure12 hours
This is a special epic instance of the Trembling Lagoon. It is home to Dythra, the Gloombringer. It is part of Fire and Ice.

Once you zone in, head down the passageway into the zone and hug the left-hand wall. By doing this, you can run all the way around the edge of the zone until your entire raid force is in-line with Dythara's island. This skips all the trash very nicely. Once there, the real fun can begin. There are some aggro fish in the water, so your MT needs pre-wards and reactives. Then, they just charge through the water and the rest of the raid follows a second or two later. Have your MT stand with their back to the pillar in the middle of the island, while everyone else keeps max cast distance.

Once you get Dythra down below half health (Need to confirm exactly) s/he calls in some adds to help. This used to be all mobs in the zone, but now appears just to be the ones closest to the island. Depending on your level, either have the MT snag these, or an OT ready to deal with them.

If the raid wipes in the instance you will be forced to revive outside the zone and be locked out. Prevent this by camping a healer in the zone to bring in case of a full wipe or running to the entrance and staying along the zone point will break aggro.

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