Nektropos Castle: Tribulation  

Level70 - 75
TypeInstanced Indoor


Level 70 to 75 (Heroic)
Success18 hours
A Level 70+ Heroic zone. Entrance found at: -1657, 124, -2070 (Behind the original Nektulos Castle)

Warning: some of the shinyes in this zone are trapped!

This zone is a reverse of the original castle run. You start in the crypts where Ollix Everling attacked you and have to fight your way to the courtyard to escape via the front door!

As with the previous versions, the zone itself IS a quest. Your quest is to get out alive!

Additionally, the following collection quests are available in this zone:

In addition to the Tome collections above, the following Tomes have Lore bearing on this zone:

Other Quests:

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