The Vigilant: Infiltration  

Level90 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionSentinel's Fate


Level 90 to 90 (Group)
The Sentinel was an airship originally built by the Erudin Erudites and used to haul large amounts of cargo overland. When the Void intruded into Odus, it was abandoned. The Paineel Erudites claimed the airship and re-worked it for their own purposes. It then became known as The Vigilant, as it watched over and protected the city.

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Use the teleporter in Paineel to go to the Airship Dock. Ismat offers Mark of Manaar quests at The Airship Dock.


In The Vigilant

Note: The first boss, Znag The Obrut, has a difficult-to-interrupt mind control that he'll use at the beginning of the fight. This makes the zone almost impossible to solo. Sending a mercenary in to attack first (and thereby allowing Znag to cast the mind control on him) worked for me.

I hope you like gazer meat, because you're going to fight a lot of them. Once you enter, kill the groups of gazers and put your hands on the orb by the deceased crewmember. This will remove the wall of magic near the entrance. Keep in mind that you'll be cut off from the exit once you do this until you clear off a lot of gazers, culminating in Znag The Obrut. Kill him and again, touch the orb by the dead body. Then find the glowing rune in the corner of the room, walk through it and follow the walkway along the side of the ship and down into a pit. You'll find Sedrard Jithir at the end of the hallway. Clear the Cargo Hold area, and in it you'll find the slain Erudites you'll need for Metaphysical Matters. On the balcony, you'll find King Cruszhem. Kill him and proceed through the glowing glyphs. Be aware that the Tallonites surrounding Arch-Amahn Wretchedcorpse have a strong knockback that can throw you into the gaps around the room (and therefore right off the airship, resulting in a return to the zone-in) so put your back to the crates as you fight. Once you've killed him, you can find another orb to touch on the back side of the wall that he was facing. Touching it will release several more Tallonites to fight and will open a door on the top level. Follow the hall, kill the enemies, and step on the big rune in the middle of the floor to enter the Transport Hall. Follow the exit to a large rune, and step in to be thrown upward to the next level. Touch the small rune at the end of that hall to enter the Engine Core. Fight your way to the small pit and drop down into the tunnels below. Be aware that a nasty Zeklord (evil eye) is waiting at the bottom. Kill it and follow the tunnel north to the end. Use the rune to teleport up a bit and return to the south end of the new tunnel to touch another orb. That will open a door (and send more Tallonites your way) down the hall, giving you access to Kage-Zonn Radas. After defeating him, there's another orb behind the screen. This will open the Officer's Quarters down the hall, in which you'll find the weapons needed for Weapon Seizure. Mri'An BaAy's body is on the floor here, so examine it to update Nowhere To Be Found. You'll then need to find the book sitting on a stool next to the desk nearby, and you'll find Sedrard Jithir in the next room for the update. Touch the orb nearby and you'll be able to face Vigoth Rodnan. Finish him off, and don't forget to grab the rug from the Officer's dojo before you leave.

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