The Estate of Unrest  

Level70 - 75
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionEchoes of Faydwer


Level  (Heroic)
Entry Zonewide
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum1 day 11 hours

Enter from the Butcherblock Mountains at -477, 135, 617 .

Zone Walkthrough

  1. Right and left hedges each have 1/2 of a key to the front door. They are ground spawns and look like a key.
  2. On the house side, in the fountain at the entrance, there is a ground spawn of a pawn chess piece. Get it.
  3. Go to the right side of the yard. At the Gazebo talk to the Ghost inside.
  4. Get the pawn chess piece from the river by the gazebo.
  5. Kill to get 2 pig meats from the hellpigs in that back corner of yard.
  6. Make way around yard to the graveyard. Irritated Chef Demme spawns in the graveyard, kill him and get a recipe.
  7. Head over to the ghost dwarf, Ghost of Kyll Rucksif, who is fighting in the yard. Kill the mobs attacking him but don't kill or attack him. When he's not aggroed on any more mobs, he talks to someone and gives them a hammer.
  8. Right-click to unlock then open the front door using the 2 halves of the key.
  9. In the first doors in both the right and left hallways, go up, clear to the broken levers.
  10. Go to the kitchen, which is on opposite side around the square hallway from the front door. Clear the kitchen. Get some rotten vegetables out of the vegetable locker.
  11. The person with the recipe, pig meat (2) and veggies uses the stove to make a dish. Enraged Cooks spawn during the process, keep them off the cooker. Put the finished dish in the dumbwaiter. Get the pawn from the kitchen.
  12. Clear the bar. The aloof cats will turn into Hellcats if they get close.
  13. Once the bar is clear The Sadistic Bartender will spawn, kill him. You're now locked out. Take watered down drink from bartender and douse the fire in the bar room. Retrieve backdoor key from fireplace. Collect the pawn from inside a glass on the bar. Harvest the Halasian Whiskey for a rare recipe that the bartender drops.
  14. Go out the side door and kill dogs going around to back door. Go the in back door, clear that room.
  15. Place all 4 chess pieces on chessboard. Screwloose the Mad Tinkerer spawns. Kill him and get his 2 screws.
  16. Use the screws that he dropped to fix the two upstairs levers. The levers need to be pulled simultaneously to open the foyer. When you pull the levers, the mobs in the room aggro. They are slow and they don't see through invis. You can have 2 invisible people do the screw thing and avoid killing them or you can all run away and meet at the front door (half way) and fight the 4 together (1 tank method) or you can split up the group evenly and each group of takes care of their two spawns.
  17. Go into the foyer. I go in through the door opposite the kitchen to be as far away from Torklar Battlemaster as possible. He is on the steps. Clearing the room sometimes gets a suit of armor from upstairs, be warned! Kill Torklar.
  18. Head upstairs to the right. There is a Billy Doll roamer in hall. First door has an oil can in that room. Get it.
  19. Head down the hall, 2nd door is nursery, it's locked.
  20. Clear the back hallway, piano room, and use the hammer on the corner room door (Jessa's room). Clear Jessa's room and talk to her. Shades debuff you.
  21. Go up the steps. Kill 4 groups of books and the Book of Binding to open the next door. The 4 groups of books respawn until you have all 4 of them cleared, so with low dps this may be difficult. When all 4 are cleared the Book of Binding will spawn.
  22. Go into the next room, 2-4 shades in there, kill them. Talk to ghost on the bed.
  23. Go outside, turn left, go around to opposite side. Use the oil can on the lever. There are cucays and wisps out there, 1 of each per side of the house.
  24. Send someone to talk to the gazebo ghost, she gives you a locket.
  25. Give locket to Jessa. She gives you a key to the nursery.
  26. Head to the nursery. Clear and click on what you can, which will give half of the piano music.
  27. Head upstairs to the ghost on the bed, he gives 2nd half of the sheet music.
  28. Play the piano, during which Provoked Musicians spawn. Keep them off the piano player so he can finish.
  29. A secret door opens in the piano room going upstairs to named that drops class specific helmets and the key to the basement.
  30. The basement door is 2nd door on left hallway when you enter. In the library room with mobs a fake bookshelf can be opened with the key to the basement.
  31. Head downstairs to the basement. Clear to the torture chamber.
  32. The Festering Hag - kill all the mobs in the jail cells before you engage the hag. She ports group members to jail cells during the fight. Target her and read her buff description to get the skinny. Its all you need to know.
  33. Head down the next hall, arrive at a room with a blood filled jacuzzi. Don't go in the room. When the tank steps in, The Hemogoblin spawns. Pull him out to you in the hall and kill, he has adds, not tough.
  34. His room has traps on either side, just walk right through the middle through the bloody jacuzzi.
  35. Continue on down the hall to the Heart.
  36. Garanel's Shade - every 2 mins, he will spawn, come up through the floor and attack, he is not controllable/mezzable. Deal with him.
  37. There's a dwarf corpse in the middle. Get 7 bones and place them on the corpse to spawn last mob. Bones drop off of mobs named A Shard of Garanel. You need to work around the place to get the 7 shards dead and therefore get the 7 different bones. You can't kill the same shard over and over, because he will drop the same bone over and over. *these mobs all respawn*
  38. Place your 7 bones and kill Garanel Rucksif, the Cursed.

ZAM would like to thank Thaenatos for the zone walkthrough.

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