Portal to the Past: Guk  

Level90 - 100
TypeInstanced Indoor

The portal is found near the world bell dock in Moors of Ykesha at 1883, 453, 950


There is no flavor text associated with this zone. In early EverQuest, Lower Guk was a highly farmed dungeon. There was a "live" side, which had mobs such as the Froglok King (who does not make an appearance here) and a much more camped "dead" side, which was full of many undead frogloks and nameds.

The nameds that appear in this instance were some of the most highly farmed ones of the bunch.

  • The Ghoul Assassin was prized for dropping the Dark Elf illusion mask. The original Guise of the Deceiver was usable by anyone from inventory; later it was changed to the Mask of Deception that was Bard/Rogue usable only. It also dropped the Serrated Bone Dirk, a Rogue-only dagger with a snare proc.
  • The Frenzied Ghoul dropped one of the rare haste belts that existed at the time, the Flowing Black Silk Sash.
  • The Ghoul Lord dropped the Short Sword of the Ykesha, which had a damage proc that made it highly treasured.
  • The Ghoul Executioner dropped the Executioner's Blade (a 2H axe with haste effect) and the Executioner's Hood (a very nice strength and dexterity item).

Occurs annually during the anniversary of EverQuest.

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