Shard of Love: A Moment of Valor  

Level50 - 100


Level 50 to 100 (Heroic)
Entry Zonewide
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum1 day 11 hours
Game Update #53
Shards of Destiny
September 23, 2009
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Erollisi Marr's influence is felt once more in Norrath. Players will be able to explore the Shard of Love and learn more of the popular goddess' story.

Shard of Love is a single group zone, that will scale from 50 to 80 and is designed to be "easy" and more directed towards small groups. Most of the drops are fluff, fun or appearance-slot items.

a permanent portal to this zone is in Everfrost.



A SoL Shiny!
A SoL Shiny!
The rewards from this collection should be examined for:


All mobs in this zone are Heroic. Their level will scale with the average level of the group, in the range 49 to 82.


  • Lanielle <Love's Protector>, at the top of the Swan Stairs.
  • Arawen <Love's Protector>
  • Gwestanna <Love's Protector> ( 200.12,14.45,-168.73 )

Trash Mobs

All trash mobs will be 1 level below the average level of the group (blue con).

Named Mobs

All Named mobs will be equal to the average level of the group (white con).


After fighting Mithaniel Marr, there are two known issues. One, make sure everyone is standing off the platform, otherwise the chest can spawn inside it and become stuck. Two, do not pick up any shinies while he is talking. This can cause the chest to simply not drop

Opening Event

The opening event ended with the launch of GU54 on December 9, 2009.

The Sisterhood of Erollisi have returned to Antonica with grave concerns! Adventurers interested in helping them should seek out a Disciple of Love in Antonica, Kelethin or Gorowyn. Those with more devious intentions should seek out Priestess V'Despth within Neriak or the Disciples of Hate within The Commonlands or Gorowyn.

This event is to last the entirety of "Shards of Destiny" (GU53). With GU54 the portal to the Shard of Love will no longer have a quest requirement associated with it, and the access quests will no longer be offered. [1]

Event Quests

With GU54 a permanent portal to this zone will be placed in Everfrost.

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