Kurn's Tower: Breaching the Void  

Level80 - 85
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionRise of Kunark


Level 80 to 85 (Heroic)
Entry Zonewide
Access Dragonbone Weapon Parts
Required by all? No
Minimum3 days
Maximum7 days
Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009
If you have finished Pudge's final quest, you should obtain The Mystery of the Cursed Tower from Chief Llump the Wise.

See the EQII Players Preview.

At least one member of the group must have completed the access quest, Dragonbone Weapon Parts.

When you zone in you are at the end of the Burynai tunnel, at the base of a climbable wall, and you will receive the quest, Watching the Watchman!.

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The Expanse of Bone

Climb the wall into the room, proper. There is a dead Burynai on the floor, here. Examine it to receive the quest, In Honor of the Fallen.

Some of the dead burynai on the floor are clickable. These are updates for In Honor of the Fallen.

Stay clear of the jets of void flame that spout out of the ports in the sides of the room. They do not all jet straight ahead so be sure you know before you move!

Clear all the trash mobs, then take Jennre Warsinger, the Hagglebaron's Bard. At about 50% he will begin summoning adds every 20 seconds. This is a high DPS fight. Target him directly and let the tank grab the adds while you burn the Bard down. If you die to the adds after the Bard is dead, the adds will despawn a short time after, so be sure you drop him!

Also, from time to time in this room, one of the dead Burynai may rise and attack you. You will see the graphic over him of puppet strings. You might not get one, you may get several. It seems to be totally random.

The Great Lift

You will need to kill an Ancient Void-Touched Wampus (83^^^ Heroic) before you can use the lift.

This takes you up to the Disc Teleporter. Step on it to teleport to the Disc Lift.

The Disc Lift will then take you up into the Atrium of Silence

Atrium of Silence

4 clusters of 4 remnants of Theer (83^^ Heroic)

The Vesper Chamber


The Aurora Chamber

West. a Theerian warder (83^^^ Heroic Shadowed Man)

The Sunne Chamber

North. Telvorsinn (84^^^ Heroic Void Beast) and a Theerian stormbringer (83^^^ Heroic Shadowed Man)

The Nerteros Chamber

South.Thorvalakk (84^^^ Heroic Void Beast) and 2 clusters of 4 remnants of Theer (83^^ Heroic)

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