Portal to the Past: Steamfont  

Level40 - 50
TypeInstanced Indoor

The portal is behind the druid ring in Steamfont at 26, 94, 1298

  • Minimum level requirement to enter: 40
  • Higher levels are auto-mentored to 50.
  • Mob level range: 52+ heroic
  • Success lockout: 18 hours
  • Named is the Minotaur Hero who wanders inside around the pool in the large room. Normal tank & spank.


There is no flavor text associated with this zone. In EverQuest, the Minotaur Hero was well known for putting many newbie gnomes out of their misery. It is a level 35 mob who would occasionally spawn in a cave full of mobs in their teens. Early on, its horn was treasured by many bards.

Occurs annually during the anniversary of EverQuest.

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