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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
Crippling Gra'al Shul 72 Kylong Plains No No
Lucky Lure 15 Antonica No No
An Initiate Outrider's Lesser Training Tome 30 Training Yes Infinite
Making Use Of The Local Wildlife 48 Everfrost No No
Water The Soldiers 86 The Stonebrunt Highlands No Infinite
Killin' Some Kobolds 14 Greater Faydark No No
Spirits' Rest 93 Mission No Infinite
Penance For Great Failure 0 Hallmark No Infinite
Cuirass Trouble 89 City Tradeskill Tasks No Infinite
Spider Puffs 20 New Halas No No
Service Of Truth 52 Sinking Sands No Infinite
Delivery To Prungo 64 Loping Plains No No
A Green Thumb 10 Greater Faydark No No
Hungry Hungry Spiders 90 Tradeskill No No
Hua Mein Craft: Rest In Peace 85 Tradeskill No No
Ambushed 9 Peat Bog No No
Dressed For Success 100 Yes Infinite
Set Free The Spirits 90 Great Divide No No
Vuzx's Trial 100 World Event Yes No
Eldritch Stonecraft: The Stonebrunt Highlands 100 World Event Yes Infinite
Foul Order 21 Serpent Sewer No Infinite
Craftsman Errands 80 Signature No No
Errand For The Craftkeepers 81 Tradeskill No No
Point Made (Rush Order) 49 City Tradeskill Tasks Yes Infinite
A Desperate Attempt 87 Great Divide No No