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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
Dismal Rage: Jarsath Jibsnappers 79 City Tasks No Infinite
Train To Zone! 100 World Event Yes Infinite
Friendship Through Flora 86 No No
The Matron Mandates 84 The Sundered Frontier No No
Intercepting Stones 57 Tenebrous Tangle No No
Erollisi Day - Hearts A'Flutter Contest 100 World Event Yes Infinite
A Poisoned Gingus 67 Bonemire No No
A Succulent Time To Thrive In 100 World Event Yes No
Snake Slaying 7 Willow Wood No No
'Snot A Problem 35 Tradeskill No No
Secrets Of The Flame 48 City Tasks No Infinite
The Fairy Lantern 100 Yes Infinite
Show 'Em Who's Boss 11 The Sprawl No 5 times
Threads Of A Noble 69 Kylong Plains No No
Collect Relics Of Paineel For The Guardians Of The Underfoot 88 The Hole No Infinite
The Queen's Impending Speech 100 World Event Yes Infinite
The Brood 16 City Tasks No Infinite
Nicks And Scratches 46 City Tasks No Infinite
A Gigglegibber's Work Is Never Done (by A Gigglegibber). (Gorowyn) 75 World Event No 10 times
Flight Reading 90 Great Divide No No
The Even Sadder Tale Of Rhodoqiz Karazz 74 Kunzar Jungle No No
Bounty: Gaki Bloodbelt 100 Betrayal Yes No
Punish The Pachyderms 15 City Tasks No Infinite
Sinister Warding 92 Eastern Wastes No No
Under Pressure 23 City Tasks No Infinite