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CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
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Troll Zombie Plushie
Standing Scarecrow Plushie
Lively Scarecrow Plushie
Sinister Web Spider Tapestry

A terrified gnome in the Hedge Hollow has asked for your help in finding some lost items of his.

This quest in The Hedge Hollow is started by a terrified gnome at 1018, 8, -580 . You must first trigger the cut scene in the zone where the gnome runs past you, then he will be hiding behind the house that you just passed. This quest is repeatable, though you may only receive it once every 18 hours.

IMPORTANT: You cannot get this quest during your first run through the zone. If you speak to the terrified gnome at that point, he will attack you instead.


  • Locate the gnome's journal
    • The journal is at 915, 8, -639 , behind the house where you found a grime covered chest
  • Locate the gnome's...ummm, Skull?
    • The skull is at 918, 8, -525 , west, and around the hedge corner, from where you found a rusted chest
  • Locate the gnome's dagger
    • The dagger is at 875, 8, -503 , south of the first graveyard, then tucked behind the building
  • Awww, he wants his dolly!
    • The dolly is at 864, 8, -584 , southeast of the second graveyard at an abrupt dead-end in the maze
  • Return to the gnome, if you can find him...



One of the following:

Nights of the Dead
(Introduced in 2009)

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