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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
Clockwork Components 80 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
Far Seas Alchemical Requisition 59 (Rush Order) 59 Tradeskill No Infinite
Termite Troubles, Part II 100 Tradeskill Yes No
Goodies For Grobb - Accessorizing, Grobb Style 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
Bathezid Senior Craftsman Work Requisition 76 Tradeskill No Infinite
Riliss Senior Outfitter Work Order 76 Tradeskill No Infinite
Tinkered Technology 90 Tradeskill No No
Far Seas Culinary Requisition 69 (Rush Order) 69 Tradeskill No Infinite
Clockwork Dockwork 90 Tradeskill No No
Ethereal Adornments For The Guard 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
Scintillating Adornments For The Guard 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
Far Seas Culinary Requisition 74 (Rush Order) 74 Tradeskill No Infinite
Hua Mein Craft: First Contact 85 Tradeskill No No
Tutorial: Essential Outfitting 9 Tradeskill No No
Weaving A Profit 85 Tradeskill No No
Building A Better Dummy, Part 1 35 Tradeskill No No
Gilded Cages 90 Tradeskill No No
Bunk Bed Influx 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
Sootfoot Service: Special Delivery 45 Tradeskill No No
Full Metal Artisan 85 Tradeskill No No
Accord Assistance - To Dye For 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
Equipping The Front Line 85 Tradeskill No No
Meet The Locals 90 Tradeskill No No
Dinner For Two 90 Tradeskill No No
A Case Of Mistaken Monstrosity 90 Tradeskill No No