Uncharted Profit  

Mission Info
Group Veksar
Level 80 to 80
Expires in 2 days
Void Shard
Shadow Odyssey Faction Missions

Lieutenant Kresic has come to Omen's Call to produce maps of the newly discovered locales for well paying patrons. I am to go transcribe a map for him of Veksar, and he will share with me the coin he earns from the transaction.

  1. I need to mark the points of interest within Veksar on the Unfinished Map of Veksar. Do so by examining the map given to you in each of the following areas:
    • The Lost Chancel
    • Lord Sasil's Encomium
    • The Campaign Chamber
    • The Golem Factatory
    • The Runearium
    • Cribblekeep's Treasureliquary
    • The Grand Sancloister
    • The Tomb of Lord Sasil
    • The Broken Theater
  2. Kill 5 residents. Any Yha-lei will do.

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