Veksar: The Sunken Theater  

Level80 - 85
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionRise of Kunark

Level 80 to 85 (Group)
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum1 day 11 hours
There is a group of NPCs at Omen's Call with quests to explore the 3 new TSO instances. See Shadow Odyssey Missions for a complete list.

The entrance to Veksar is through a mostly-buried door on the deep-water side of an underwater dome in the Lake of Ill Omen. From where the river meets the lake, go out past the Yha-Lei platforms until you see a dome on the floor of the lake. There is a spire on top of the dome which sticks up just out of the water. Dive down to around 630.48, -182.67, 289.75. There are lv 82^^^ mobs just around to the right after you enter.

With GU48, we gained access to Veksar: The Invasion. This is an introduction or teaser to the full zone. It has a single quest and is not terribly difficult. There is a door in the last room that will not open.

This version has the same first half, then picks up at the door you could not go through in The Invasion.

Veksar was a Kunark zone in EverQuest. The Allakhazam EverQuest site has this description of Veksar in the dayes of olde:

VEKSAR: Shortly after the Shissar were run out of Kunark, a resort by the name of Veksar was built by the Kylong Iksar Tribe. After standing upon a lake in the middle of Kunark for nearly 1,000 years, Veksar was destroyed by the dragon Garudon, and sunk to the bottom of what is now known as the Lake of Ill Omen.

Now beneath the surface of the lake, Veksar is inhabited by sealife and the spirits of those killed in the incident. It is said that the spirit of the dragon Garudon also resides somewhere in the ruins. Only a few adventurers who have chosen to trespass in to Veksar's confines have been able to return to tell about it.

Contents [hide]

The Lost Chancel

Lord Sasil's Encomium

Ul'lugh the Divine

Statue here must be clicked once to unlock the next door.

The Campaign Chamber

Gruerg the Ravager

Unlock the chest to get the staff to place in the hole before the next door to open it.

The Runearium

Read book here to unlock The Golem Factatory.

The Golem Factatory

Clean the adds but don't AoE or pull the x2 golem. Assemble the small golem parts by dragging them on the pad on floor (legs, torso then head) and watch the fight!

Cribblekeep's Treasureliquary

The Grand Sancloister


This is where Veksar: The Invasion ended.

The Reflection Pool

The Waterlogged Kwagan Chest (Void Shards for all) is found here (behind a breakable wall?) at -111,-2,-124 .

The Tomb of Lord Sasil

-10, -3, -83

The Broken Theater

Here you will face Garudon.

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