The Triumph of Fear  

Per Senior Game Master Kimbial: "This quest line is very unforgiving. Should you fail to update any step... you need to delete that quest & return to Xuurk in the Lost Temple of Cabilis to start it again." ie do not leave the EFP instance without finishing.

  1. Begin the Invasion of Freeport!
    1. Travel to the shores off the Field of Bone and click the bell to zone into a special instance of East Freeport ( -1820,-400,-2433 ) .
    2. Kill 10 freeport defenders (L78^)
    3. Heal 6 wounded crusaders (NPCs) using the "an iksar healing tonic" acquired from the dock near Xuurk.
  2. Return to Xuurk
  3. Seal off the gates!
  4. Return to Quartermaster Hedoral on the boat.
  5. Spread confusion in the enemies forces!
    • Set flammable barrels on fire in the city (a powderkeg) -- 5 needed.
    • Destroy 5 supply stockpiles by the docks.
      • Unlike all other steps of this quest, each group member must click to destroy the stockpiles individually
    • Enlighten several iksar (a confused iksar citizen) -- 5 needed.
  6. Return to Xuurk.
  7. Kill Dreadnaught Blackengrit, a L80^^^. Hits hard, but is rootable and has little HP.
  8. Use the bell near the ship to zone back out to the Fens near the Lost Temple.
  9. Return to Xuurk in the Lost Temple of Cabilis for your reward.

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