Entrance into the Obelisk  

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CategoryObelisk of Lost Souls
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Void Bangle of the Obelisk

This quest is initiated by examining a scroll next to the skeleton at the entrance of The Obelisk of Lost Souls ( -6.96, 623.17, 142.41 ) . It unlocks the keys to progress within the zone. You must slay the following monsters:

  • Soul Harvester Kul: -17, 615, 406
  • Soul Harvester Na: -29, 613, 316 or -11, 611, 267
  • Soul Harvester Zej: 140, 639, 400
  • Soul Harvester Gron: 110, 620, 250

The shadowed men in the zone are the placeholders. Kill them to spawn the rares.

This will grant you access inside. Though you will still need to do another separate quest, Summoning the Creator, to unlock the creator door and the lower levels.

Shadowed Men
Quest Series
The Obelisk of Lost Souls
Summoning the Creator
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