A Key to the Past  

Grants AA
Repeatable1 times
Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 22s, 51c
Max Coin: 22s, 68c
Cuff of the Stormscholar

This quest is given by a Crushed Librarian in the Stormhold Library. You must teleport to the library by clicking on a grate in Stormhold (+4, -26.53, -131.1). This quest gives access to the The Tomb of Valor (which is entered through Stormhold).

You must gather the following items:

  • 6th page of Squire's Journal
  • 7th page of Squire's Journal
  • 8th page of Squire's Journal

You can obtain each of these from a Defiled Squires in Stormhold.

After finding these return to the Crushed Librarian. He will then ask you to find the following drops from Defiled Knights:

  • 21st Page of the Knight's Journal
  • 28th Page of the Knight's Journal

You will then be asked to kill:

Once you have done this you must return to a Crushed Librarian.

The final step is to find the key to the Tomb of Valor. The key is at the foot of the first statue on your right as you're just going down into Stormhold. Right next to Sir Valinayle.

This completes your quest for the Tomb of Valor. This zone is basically just a room with a boss. So the reward is that you can now kill the boss for his loot table (which is quite good). Once you're inside you initiate the event by sliding the coffin in the back right.

  • Here's some tips from Bala:
    • When you zone in, on the back right (with your back to the wall after entering) there is a coffin that you can interact with. Doing so ("sliding" it) will start the event.
    • Once started, the event will spawn a number of undead, all 2-up level 25 zombies. The appear to roam, but this actually isn't really accurate, as they more pace back and forth in their area without progressing toward you. The goal of the encounter is to close all the opened coffins -- non-attackable spirits will routinely spawn, make their way toward a closed coffin, get in and cause more zombies to spawn.
    • You'll need to clear out the zombies to (safely) get at the opened coffins to close them -- be sure ALL of the undead are, well, dead, before you close the last coffin (back left taken from the zone-in perspecive). Once the undead are dispatched and the last coffin is closed, Lord Chesgard and around 10 or so of his buddies, all lvl 29 or 30, will spawn.
    • The trick here is to be at the FAR end of the room (again, relative to the zone-in) before you trigger this part of the event or risk being swamped with a lot of (relatively) high-level undead. Much like the first wave, you'll likely have 2-3 aggro right off, but from there you should be able to pull and dispatch them one at a time, taking short breaks between kills for power, without much issue.
    • Do keep in mind that if you try to pull anything too close to the named he will aggro as he follows the same basic aggro rules of same-type aggressive named mobs. That's it!
    • I think we had our troubles the first time from folks being out of position when the event started, so I'll go over that one more time: At the start, keep your back all the way against the wall closest to you when you zoned in. work your way down a bit as you clear the first-wave undead.
    • Before Chesgard and his cronies are spawned, be sure you're all the way hugging the opposite wall you started on. Outside of that, just make sure you have a good tank and good healers and you'll be golden!

Game Update #57
August 18, 2010
From the GU57 Patch Notes: "It is now easier to obtain quest updates for 'A Key To The Past'"

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