Fire and Ice  

Grants AA
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Min Coin: 18g
Max Coin: 18g, 30s

Command of the Draconic language is required to start or complete this quest.

This is the first in a series of quests from Lord Nagafen in Solusek's Eye. Completing this quest opens up the Deception quest. This quest used to require access quests, but no more. One of the drakota is in Trembling Lagoon, another is in Cove of Decay, and the final one is in Miragul's Menagerie.

Note: During Nagafen's introduction dialogue, do NOT choose the option "The Drakota are yours and I want some answers!" or Nagafen will instantly slay you.

  1. Speak to The Sage of Ages in Antonica.
  2. Recover drakota essences to revive Lady Vox. They are found:
    • Ar'ticae, the Frost Maiden at -51, -24, -372 in Ar'ticae's Lair, accessed from the door to Miragul's Menagerie in Everfrost.
      • First slay the Ar'ticae cultist (51 epic x2) in the eastern room.
      • Next kill the Ar'ticae scryer (51 epic x2) in the western room.
      • Then kill Raegh the Protector (51 epic x4) blocking the door in the northern hallway.
      • Enter the door and Ar'ticae (52 epic x4) will be in the middle of the room. You must kill a Ar'ticae summoner (51 epic x2) in the back of this room to make her killable.
      • Kill Ar'ticae (52 epic x4) and loot the Essence Shard of Heart from her corpse.
    • Mjolni, the Bringer of Storms at -218, -23, 1202 in Mjolni's Lair, accessed from the door to Cove of Decay in Thundering Steppes.
      • Mjolni (52 epic x4) is at the edge of the water, simply kill him and loot the Essence Shard of Soul from his corpse. He stuns a lot and around 25% health he summoned several epic x2 disciples to assist him.
    • Dythra, the Gloombringer at -920, -11, 52 in Dythra's Lair, accessed from the door to Trembling Lagoon in The Feerrott.
      • Dythra (52 epic x4) is found on the island all the way to the north. Kill her and loot the Essence Shard of Mind from her corpse. She immediately casts a debuff that blurs vision and slows and around 25% health will summon some mobs to assist her.
  3. Once the essences are collected head to The Crypt of Vox in Permafrost ( -0.26, 13, -377 ) .
  4. The person with the essences should examine the essences by the sphere at 52, -1, -579 in this order: Soul - Heart - Mind.
  5. That same person must click on the sphere. They will die.
    • NOTE: Bring someone with you that can resurrect the person dying or a merc! Otherwise you cannot re-enter the crypt for 6 days after reviving and will have to re-get all of the essences. Paladin: currently divine favor is bugged and will remove itself but not revive the player if killed by the sphere.
  6. Once the ritual is complete, a hailable Lady Vox will spawn. Speak to her to continue the quest.
  7. The next step is to defeat King Drayek in his chamber. You will then discover that the Sage of the Ages is a named dragon, Darathar, who is after the Prismatic eggs.
  8. Return to Lord Nagafen and this will then open up the Deception quest.

To Speak as a Dragon Prismatic Weapon
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