The Crypt of Vox  

Level45 - 50
TypeInstanced Indoor


Raid Information
Sizex4 (Min: x2)
Success6 days

This instance is where you can release and speak to the true Lady Vox. It is located in Permafrost and accessed through the Fire and Ice quest.

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Hailable Spirit of Vox for Fire and Ice

  • Person on the proper quest step has to use all three shards and than click on altar in main zone room. This person will die.
  • Be sure that the person spawning Vox has only one set of shards. There is bug and when more then one shard of one type is in a players possesion, all shards of that type are consumed and might be reason for summoning the wrong Vox.
  • Person with the shards needs to examine each of three different shards before clicking globe in the right order : Soul, Heart, Mind.
  • Hailable Spirit of Vox is spawned and everyone can update quest. There is no time limit.

Fighting version of Spirit of Vox

  • The Spirit of Vox
  • Health: 150kHP
  • Resist: Slash, Cold, (Mental)
  • Attack: Crush, Cold, Mental
  • AOE: Cold Chill of Death, cold dot, ~45s

To spawn an angry Vox, just have any 1 person click the altar in the room. This will kill them, but the Spirit of Vox will spawn with 2 seperate groups of adds. These can be pulled seperately, so do so and kill them. Each time a group is killed, another group will spawn in it's place. Supposedly, this will happen 3 times for each group (so you kill a group, get a respawn, kill that, get a respawn, kill that, get a respawn, kill that and then nothing... so 8 total groups to kill).

Once the groups are down, the MT group charge the Spirit of Vox. Your MT needs to turn her and have his back to the wall, so her back is to the rest of the raid force. Vox's tail is a bit buggy, so be careful or you may get stuck on it. Also, it is advisable to have a group cure elemental in every group, or carry cure elemental potions. You should use the information provided about her AOE's to have your DPS joust in and out whenever possible, or just get them a crazy cold resist, have your AOE cure elemental healers ontop of things and eat the AOE.

Congrats on your new Vox head for your guild hall!

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