The Quill of the Flock  

Inspect the quill you received in the Scaled Salutations. It will ask you to find a page to use it on. Return to the tome at the zone in and read through the dialogue.

The tome asks you to retrieve 5 stolen scythes, these are from the palace guards in the foyer but they are not an auto update. Slay them until everyone in group has all 5. We also found that not everyone gets the same updates. After you have all 5 you will be prompted to place the scythes, before doing this clear the foyer and the room after to the left after the foyer.

In the first room are two statues you have to mouse over them till you get a message that is different then just the statues name. you will place both sets of scythes. This initiates a 5 Minute timer. You need to slay the champions and take their weapons. These champions spawn down the foyer.

Once all are slain you will need to place the spears in the racks, this is the room to the left of the foyer and hanging on the wall are the 4 racks.

After you have placed all the spears you will be asked to retrieve you reward from the chest, the chest is in the foyer to the right of the zone in behind the statue.

Scaled Salutations Claymore
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