Mission Improbable...  

This zone is Heroic but it is designed to be solo'd. Read on to find out how...

a dead yeti
a dead yeti
Talk to Aildiun Mawdrun right behind the magic closet at 50, -4, -1179 to begin the quest. Just inside the door is a dead yeti. Skin it and then use the skin to disguise yourself for 1 hour. More than enough time, as you have only 30 minutes from the time you skinned the yeti to plant all 10 of the listening devices! What are you doing standing there, admiring your hairiness? Get a move on, soldier!

Do NOT pick up purple shinies or engage in combat while in disguise or your illusion will drop!

A good place to listen in
A good place to listen in
There are shimmers of blue sparkles that reveal where you are to put the devices.

Listening device locations:

  • -107, 1, -189
  • -21, 1, -119
  • -9, 1, -79
  • 90, 0, -80
  • 83, 15, -70
Pick up plank within the western tower to cross the chasm to eastern tower:
  • -77, 1, -111
  • -81, 27, -102
  • 17, 20, -61
  • -165, 20, -198
  • -21, 20, -216

Return to Aildiun Mawdrun


One of two weapons, appropriate to your level:

NOTE: Keep the weapon you receive! It is vital to a boss mob fight when you return to the Icy Keep.

Quest Series
The Icy Keep
It's Time to Sleigh the Dragon!
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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2008.

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