The Icy Keep (Hard)  

Level20 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor

If you are on the quests Mission Improbable... or An Exalting Experience!, do NOT follow this walkthrough. See their appropriate quest pages for the correct information.

If you are on the quests It's Time to Sleigh the Dragon! or Covering Your Snow Tracks!, remember to bring the weapon you chose at the end of Mission Improbable with you.

As a general tip, falling off the cliff edges inside the Icy Keep WILL kill you. Be careful when jumping over the chasms!

  1. Straight ahead from the zone in is Gate Captain H'Bri. Slay her.
    • The Gate Captain has many enchanter arts and is likely to attempt to mesmerize, stifle and stun you frequently.
  2. Follow the ledge west then north, slaying any yetis along the way. You'll come to a large chasm--take a sharp turn left (west) here.
  3. Tamer Nicoli is in the southeastern corner this area. Slay him and his two yeti friends.
    • The Tamer has a tendency to attempt to pin, stifle and stun you often, making it a fairly difficult fight for some. You may find it easier to quickly kill the two tamed yetis before focusing on Nicoli.
  4. Continue west and turn south at the chasm. There is an opening to a tower to the west--jump over the narrowest part of the chasm here to reach it.
  5. Kill the Icy Construct and Guardian of D'ina inside.
  6. Pick up the glowing plank at 99,-0.26,-89 . Jump back over the chasm with it and head toward the eastern tower.
  7. The chasm to the eastern tower is larger than the one over to the western tower. Place your plank as close to the edge as you can around -41,0.63,-81 . Run across the plank and leap across.
  8. Kill the Construct and Guardian inside. There is a plank here at -96,1,-83 , which we suggest moving to the bottom floor of the western tower now.
  9. At the top of the eastern tower is Kastus. You MUST kill him before you can progress to the last two nameds.
    • Do NOT use spells against him! He will reflect damage back to you if you try.
    • Combat arts and melee weapons are fine to use.
  10. After slaying Kastus, grab the plank at -85,26,-70 and take it over to the western tower. Also remember to go back and grab the plank you bridged the gap with by the eastern tower and take it back!
  11. At the top of the ramp in the western tower is a summoned barrier of ice. Click on it to target it and attack the barrier until it is destroy. At lower levels this can prove to be difficult as the wall will regenerate more quickly.
  12. After slaying the Ice Maiden past the barrier, equip the weapon you received upon completing Mission Improbable....
  13. At the top of this tower is Odaufe. Kill him.
    • Do NOT use melee weapons (aside from the Mission Improbable weapon) or fists to fight Odaufe. He will reflect damage back to you if you try.
    • Do NOT use physical attack based combat arts. Again, he will reflect damage.
    • Spells are fine to use, and some combat arts are okay to use, though it is usually trial and error to figure out which ones.
    • If you are a melee based class and forgot to bring your special weapon, you can try snaring and kiting him in a circle with ranged weapons and combat arts.
  14. Once Odaufe is dead, pick up the plank at 87,25,-68 .
  15. Place the plank as close to the edge as you can where the torrential updraft is to the north of where you found Odaufe. ( 119,19,-138 )
  16. Retrieve the other three planks and make a bridge across to the other side of the tower wall by placing the planks at the end of the previous plank.
  17. Once you bridge the gap, cross it and either leap down to the ground on the other side of the wall or travel around the corner and climb down the wall at 64,20,-215 .
  18. Players on the quest It's Time to Sleigh the Dragon! should speak to a freezing goblin down here at 100,0.63,-180 . Make sure every player in the group gets this update before breaking the boulder!
  19. Players on the quest Covering Your Snow Tracks! should have all 10 partially thawed goblin updates by now. If not, get these updates before leaping down the chimney. The goblins can be found at:
    • -50,15,187
    • -4,6,83
    • -21,1,-51
    • -92,1,-171
    • -93,0,-205
    • -8,3,-147
    • 29,1,-79
    • -35,1,-81
    • -80,1,-82
    • 84,0,-79
    • 86,1,-207
  20. Break the boulder blocking the chimney at 88,1,-187 . Once it disappears you can jump down to the lower level.
  21. Slay Ice Maiden D'Ina in the large chamber.
    • She will randomly pop up adds during this fight. We recommend killing the adds quickly as soon as they come up, otherwise they can quickly overwhelm you.
  22. Break the dragon egg down near where you first saw Ice Maiden D'Ina standing. ( -63,-46,-308 )
    • Players who are on the quest Covering Your Snow Tracks! can depart without doing this step as long as their quest has already been completed, and assuming that they have an ability to take them to the entrance, such as Escape.
  23. After you thaw out (about 1 minute wait time), grab the shell of the egg and Snarf will run in. You can speak with him to complete the quest It's Time to Sleigh the Dragon! as well as leave the keep.

Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2008.

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