Beyond Death's Door  

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Fitzpitzle's Misty Protector
Fitzpitzle's Earcog

This is another quest in the epic "Claymore" line. You get it by clicking on one of the sconces in the Atrium of Kildrukaun, which is the first round room in the Halls of Fate once you have completed "Feeding the Flames".

The first step is to enter Deathtoll, the epic raid zone on the Carrion Briar in The Bonemire. You will either need to have completed Deathtoll access at this point, or be grouped with someone who has.

Once you enter, you are tasked with confirming six locations inside Deathtoll. They are:

The Pit of Barbs ( -319, 117, -97 )
The Archive of the Wyrm ( -584, 119, -274 ) Fitzpitzle is here, but non-aggro. Don't kill him, as he is needed for later in the Quest.
The Flensing Chamber ( -682, 122, -371 )
The Altar of Ending ( -198, 68, -340 ) The exit to the right will take you to the Tears of Rage, the one to the left goes to Tarinax.
The Tears of Rage ( 134, -151, -374 )
The Lair of the Soulless ( 145, 3, -135 ) Tarinax is here. Edge up to the platform to get the update without getting aggro.

Once you have confirmed all of these locations, you are charged with killing Fitzpitzle, a level 74 epic gnome with adds. He lives in the Archive of the Wyrm, which will require some backtracking to get to if you get your last update in the Lair of the Soulless, where Tarinax the Destroyer resides. Once Fitzpitzle is destroyed, you will need to move forward once again to destroy Tarinax. He is a level 75x4 skeletal dragon, and one of the hardest encounters in the game at this time. A full raid party is required. The quest is complete and rewards are given when Tarniax dies. You should then return to the Halls of Fate for the next Quest, "The Final Report"

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