Restocking the Supplies: Rodcet Aloe  

Grants AA
CategoryTenebrous Tangle
Repeatable8 times
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rodcet aloe
Kweezil's Queasy Reliever

Speak to Surgeon Kweezil at 198, -238, 208 in Hidden Refuge to begin this quest.

You must search the Tenebrous Tangle until you find 10-15 pieces of Rodcet Aloe. These look like gnarled branches sticking out of the ground. They are called "the hand of nife", and are found only around the temple near -640, 135, -179 on the Vultak Scavenging Site island, Scaleborn Isle and other isles nearby.

Return to Surgeon Kweezil to complete the quest.

Tenebrous Tangle
Quest Series
Hidden Refuge

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