Premonitions of Doom  

Grants AA
CategoryHalls of Fate
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Min Coin: 27g, 50s
Max Coin: 31g, 10s

This Quest is given by Raluvh in The Halls of Fate when you speak to him to complete the Find Raluvh quest. Raluvh is locked inside a cage at -19.93, 1.64, -139.23 . This is at the back end of the room with the first named mob Doom Guard Tammuz.

Raluvh asks you to find out what is going on in the Halls and tells to not to kill any of the Officers you find as you should be able to use a Mutagenic potion you will find to disguise yourself and speak to them.

The first step of the quest tells you to usurp Doom Lord Septimus. You must pass by Doom Guard Vimock, Jin'tiz the Cataloguer, and Katalkana, Steward of the Legion without killing them.

On the table in front of Jin'tiz the Cataloguer there is a bottle of Mutagenic potion. One (and only one) member of the group must pick this up. You can either distract him by destroying an egg in the room behind him (and he will go back and investigate), or you can use Sooth on him so that he does not aggro when you grab the potion. If he does aggro, make sure someone grabs the potion and let the group wipe.

The person who grabbed the Mutagenic potion should examine it to obtain a sub-quest called Transmogrification. This sub-quest requires you to obtain a scale from the body of Doom Lord Septimus to refine the Mutagenic potion.

After killing Sothis, pick up the Torpor Potion on a table in his room. You need to place this potion in the small cauldron that Katalkana walks near to put her to sleep.

When Killing Doom Lord Sceptimus, you must all be in his room as the door shuts. Once Sceptimus is dead, the Transmogrification quest will update, and the person who has the quest will be given a Refined Mutagenic Potion. That person should drink the potion at which point they will be turned into droag form.

Watcher Ningiza will then spawn in the room and proclaim the Death of the Doom Lord Septimus. Premonitions of Doom should update and the quest will tell everyone to speak to the three officers.

When the person in your group who is now in droag form hails Ningiza, he will proclaim that person as the new commander of the Doomwing Legion and call all of the warriors to come and pay tribute.

At this point, assuming you did not kill them earlier, NPC versions of Doom Guard Vimock, Jin'tiz the Cataloger, and Katalkana Steward of the Legion will all come to you. Vimock will take some time to reach you as he has the longest way to go.

Everyone should hail each of the officers to update Premonitions.

Once all of the officers have been hailed, the quest will tell you to return to Nepther'tum at the Drednever Crash site for your reward.

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