The Fallen Swords: Mystery in the Shadows  

Speak to Erus Dal'viv at -1373, -533, -2268 near Fina's Retreat in the Great Divide to begin this quest.

Erus Dal'viv, the Swordbearer, has asked that I investigate the outpouring of undead creatures from within the Tower of Frozen Shadow. He says that the appearance of so many of the undead recently is troubling to the othmir who have made this place home. I should see if there is something to this.

  1. Kill 8 undead in the Great Divide. (Lesser Ice Shades, others don't seem to count)
  2. Kill Delhagin the Frightful (92^^ Heroic)
  3. Return to Erus in Fina's Retreat
  4. Enter the Tower of Frozen Shadow and attempt to find any information relating to Tserrina's intentions.
    • Find a piece of Tserrina's notes. Frozen Tower, third floor in the barracks, 16, 217, -20
    • Find a second set of Tserrina's notes. Umbral Halls, Darkness Rising, 77, 290, -13
    • Find the last part of Tserrina's notes. Umbrall Halls, VhalShera's Dominion, 14, 561, 38
  5. Search for a tome in the Tower relating to the Age's End prophecy. Shadowed Corridors, second floor Frozen Library, -94, 75, -72
  6. Speak with Erus in Fina's Retreat.
  7. Speak with the Duality in Thurgadin. 476.28, -211.64, 242.59

I discovered that Tserrina was researching an item called the Coalescence of Life, and according to the Duality, her notes seem to indicate that she was frustrated with a plan she had put together, and this might be her venting her anger. He also noted that the rune I discovered is the Rune of Invasion, and might be a significant clue in the Shissar Prophecy.

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