Thurgadin, City of the Coldain  

Level1 - 90
ExpansionDestiny of Velious

February 22, 2011

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Established by Dain Frostreaver the First after the coldain were driven from their city in the Crystal Caverns, Thuradin has served as the home for the coldain dwarves for hundreds of years. Nestled within the northnernmost mountains of the Great Divide, Thurgadin has protected the coldain from relentless attacks, and acted as a welcoming and secure place for many adventurers who visited Velious in the past. However, the noble city was always under threat, as the Kromrif were determined to wipe the coldain off the face of Velious.

A series of terrible battles were fought, as the Kromrif sought to destroy their hated enemy once and for all. Thurgadin often suffered tremendous damage from the Kromrif attempts to breach its walls, but in the end, Thurgadin stood, never once crumbling to the assaults of the giants. The coldain were forced to often rebuild sections of their city, and although it was laborious work, Thurgadin was built up stronger each time. Eventually, with time, the coldain retreated into their mountainous home, content to keep to themselves away from the affairs of others.

However, Thurgadin has come under threat from a new enemy. The vicious militaristic Order of Rime have begun making assaults against the coldain, trying to push their way into the city on a campaign of conquest. The coldain thus far have been able to hold off the Rime attacks, but for how long is anyone's guess. Thurgadin will need the assistance of mighty adventurers to help turn the tide of war back into their favor, and to help ensure the safety and security of the coldain who live within its walls.[1]


For adventuring quests that begin in Thurgadin, see Thurgadin Quest Series.
For tradeskill quests that begin in Thurgadin, see Destiny of Velious Tradeskill Quests - Thurgadin.
Velious City Tasks start here. See: Destiny of Velious City Tasks

Getting Around

Entering Thurgadin from the Great Divide:

  • Click on the door on the Thurgadin Harbor at 1111,-470,442 , or
  • Click on the door behind a waterfall in Dain's Last Stand at 745,-185,39

Exits from Thurgadin to the Great Divide:

  • The exit to Thurgadin Harbor is located at 985,-308,367 (west of The Stand of Honor), or
  • The exit to Dain's Last Stand is located at 674,-247,57 (south of Icebridge Crossway)

You'll need to speak Dwarven to get around here. There's a Linguist, Bellin Icepike, in the Temple of Brell at 561, -212, 277 who can sell you a primer.

Mailbox: 676, -312, 387

A very high-tech map of Thurgadin from Beta.
A very high-tech map of Thurgadin from Beta.

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