The Return of the Light  


  • This quest can be started and even completed at level 15.


This quest is initiated by examining a "burned out lightstone". This item drops from the Lightbringer Wisp in The Commonlands. He spawns at the Ring of Nature near 800, -59, -194 . This item drops on his corpse, and not in a chest.

The quest is actually many parts, each with their own reward. Each step upgrades you to a new version of the Lightstone, but the quest name never changes. It is a continuance of the quest at all points.

The first thing you need to do is find someone who needs this lightstone. The person who needs it (though the quest gives you no indication) is Cannix Silverflame in the Commonlands ( -310, -47, -362 ) . He is found on the road just outside of the Crossroads. This is a tricky step because the dialogue to advance the quest is found on his second page of text, with the first page of text being the same as he tells anyone if you have the lightstone or not.

The first thing Cannix will ask of you is to touch the Statue of the Mourned and the Statue of the Forgotten with the lightstone. These are both interactive objects in the Commonlands. You right click on them and you will receive an option to touch the statue with the lightstone.

  • Statue of the Forgotten @ 172, -45, 260
  • Statue of the Mourned @ -590, -49, -632

After completing this step return to Cannix for your first reward (Faintly Lit Lightstone). He will then ask you to kill Rama'nai in the Commonlands. Rama'nai is a named lion at the Ring of Nature, near where the Lightbringer Wisp spawned. He has two vv lionesses but is relatively easy. He is now stationary at 880.43,-58.87,6.69 .

After killing Rama'nai return to Cannix for your second reward (Dimly Lit Lightstone). Your next task is to kill two Orc Captains in the Commonlands:

  • Captain Gaer paths near -853, -48, 668 , placeholder is Sergeant Reag.
  • Captain Ogof wanders around the tower where General Var'Thug is ( -553, 31, 436 ) , he spawns quite fast.

After killing them return to Cannix for your third reward.

The next step is to kill the High Priest of Val`Marr in the Commonlands. He is found at the Ruins of Val'Marr. He is spawned by killing all four mobs south of the ruins at loc 448.28, -49.84, 574.01 . Once you kill all 4 mobs either the high priest or his placeholder will appear near a tower at 384.55, -31.04, 225.23 . If placeholder shows up then you must rinse and repeat. (Tip: Kill the spawn group on the very top of the tower you do not need to kill any other mob)

After doing this return to Cannix. He will then send you to kill General Drull. He can be found in Bloodskull Valley: Maulic's Stronghold, which is a keyed zone (see related quests) but can also be done for this quest without having done the access quest. To access the instance, hail the mob behind the rock by the entrance several times.

After completing this task return to Cannix. A group of three Lucanic Knights appear and attempt to kill Cannix. The hardest mob in this group is a 19^^. Let the knights kill Cannix, and then kill the knights. Once the knights are dead the quest will automatically complete.


Quest Series

Trivia Originally this quest had two different endings, with evil characters killing Cannix and good characters defeating the Lucanic Knights. Over time this changed and both alignments now have the same ending to the quest.

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