The Bear Essentials  

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Carved Bear Charm
Bear Fang
Book of Basic Bear Charms
Bear Claw
Gray Mustang Pack Horse
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Speak to Cordelia Galeston at 345,190,493 in Butcherblock Mountains to begin this quest.

Cordelia wants you to find a use for some bear teeth and claws she was given.

  1. Scribe the recipe that Cordelia gives you titled Book of Basic Bear Charms (uses the Woodcraft skill)
  2. Make four of the Carved Bear Charms. To make all four on the Woodworking Table in the Highland Outposts at 331,189,492 , you need:
    • 4 severed ash
    • 4 Bear Claws - given to you by Cordelia at the same time as the recipe scroll
    • 4 Bear Fangs - given to you by Cordelia at the same time as the recipe scroll
    • 12 sparkling sandpaper - purchase from Trader Whitlock at 334,189,492 (right next to the Woodworking table)
  3. Return to Cordelia at the Highland Outposts

Cordelia sends you off to West Fort Irontoe to speak with her colleague, Bartleby Blatherback.


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