Zarvonn's Legacy  

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This is the optional access quest to gain entrance to the The Eternal Gorge (aka Valley of Zarvonn). It is given by Impelia Abettus at the Crossroads. In Commonlands. After a lengthy background story you will be sent off to find Gierasa, a nomad in the Commonlands.

Gierasa Kulnovich can be found at 407, -47, -802 . She will send you to Zarvonn's Tower ( 896, -45, -518 ) to speak to the mage there. This is where things get tricky.

To speak to Overseer Melicinn you must first deal with her assistant D'Verin. Both are inside of the Tower. The tower is guarded by level 14-17 group mobs. You can either invis up, train them away or fight them. You will have to make this trip three times during the quest. It is recommended that you wait until your upper teens to attempt this.

After speaking to her, she will send you out to kill Fallen Orc Lieutenants ( -1110.52, -56.65, -418.65 ) until you receive four Greater Undead Skulls. These can be found near the docks in Commonlands. They are level 14 ^ solo mobs.

After completing this you must return to Zarvonn's Tower and speak to D'Verin again. He will then allow you to speak to Overseer Melicinn at the top of the tower.

Overseer Melicin will send you to kill a Lost Soul ( 99.32, -47.00, -256.30 or -1333.34, -68.80, 333.23 ) and recover his Ectoplasmic Goo. Lost Souls can be found in either of the cemeteries of the zone. They are only level 12-13. Get some ectoplasmic goo and give it to Overseer Melicinn for your reward.

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