Scaled Salutations  

Grants AA
CategoryPalace of the Awakened
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a salutations tome, volume 4
a salutations tome, volume 1
a salutations tome, volume 4
a salutations tome, volume 3
a salutations tome, volume 2
Min Coin: 27g, 50s
Max Coin: 31g, 10s
The Quill of the Flock

This quest is initiated by opening the book at -59.13, -0.13, 163.28 in the Palace of the Awakened.

Once in POA inspect the tome that is to the left of you once you zone in.

Reading through the text should prompt you to collect book pages from the foyer. These spawn in the first hallway/foyer and you will need to wait for respawns if your doing this with a full group.

Once all pages are harvested you return to the tome, the tome asks that you find a Vault in the foyer. The hidden vault is actually a door on the other side of the cage from the book your standing at. Mouse over the door till you can click it and upate you quest. You will receive a quill and your quest is complete.

Egg Hunt in the Nest Claymore
Quest Series
The Quill of the Flock
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